Alejandro De los Santos

Software and Game Developer


Plane Physics​

C#, Unity Engine

This is a air vehicle physics simulation I developed in my free time. It includes a fully modular system that divides the aircraft into it's individual components, making it very easy to create new types of aircraft using custom editor scripts. This side project that I made with help of a series of tutorials, taught me the power of physics based behaviours.

Camera System

C#, Unity Engine

I developed a game camera system for the Unity Engine on my spare time. This camera system makes use of Unity's new Cinemachine package for some simple 'look at target' behaviour.

Discord Bot


Carla is a discord bot with basic command support using the libraries. It support multi-server commands such as playing music, meme generation and much more. It also implements a locale system, each server or guild using the bot can set up a different locale for the commands.

Demon's Delight

Lua, Corona SDK

I was the Project manager and Lead programmer in the development of this classic bullet hell/dungeon crawler game. The game was developed during the course of 10 weeks, by a team of 6 people; including artists, level designers and other programmers. I developed the ability to manage a full game project and to understand the workflow of a team. As well as modern project and team managment tools such as git, slack and github's project boards. 

Top Down Shooter

C#, Unity Engine

Project Luca is a prototype of a top down shooter I made while on my first year of Computer Games development in College. The prototype was built with the idea of experimenting with Unity’s real-time mesh generation. It features a fully functional weapon system, health system and inventory.

Game Jams

Low Energy

I have written several games for the Ludum Dare Jam, the largest online game jam with over 4000 participants. My favourite is Low Energy, my entry for the Compo Section (All game art, music and coding must be original and made in only 48 hours) for the 39th entry of the Jam. It’s a fun little side-scroller platformer game, in which I managed to rank 59th for the audio category, 80th for the fun category and 165th for the overall category.

Other Projects




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